New Album

We are at work on our new album "Bleak" which will be shortly available on the Crucial Bliss imprint.


Robe. - (In Print) Discography

In order of recording date, not release:

Self-Titled [Cloud Valley]
Glacial [Kiddie Riot]
Untitled (7 Inch Split w/Warmth) [Black-Horizons]
Star Form [Peasant Magik]
Tragedies [Phage Tapes]
Fragile Construct [Tuguska]
The Third Cinder [Snip-Snip]
Floods [Myiasis Tapes]
Antiquated Silhouettes [Dirgehead]
Desolate Mosaic [Anathema Sound]
When We're Dead / What We'll Remember [Poor Little Music]
Fracture (DVD) [Small Doses]
The Dying Light [Little Fury Things]
Remains of A Burning World [Thor's Rubber Hammer]
Hadramaut [Phage Tapes]
Housing Deterioration [Tired Trails]
Did I Not Bid The To Arise? [Vade Retro]
Time Dilation [Blackest Rainbow]