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My band Attics is at work on our newest album "Red Electric Metropolis". We'd like if you'd visit and listen to the previous 3 albums we have for free download here:


If you like us add our new Facebook page:


Also we do an online comedy show you can watch (Vote For Us On Funny Or Die!!!):




Also my band Robe. is on last.fm here:


And you can download everything we've ever done here:


And My Early Solo Stuff Here:


or on Last.Fm Here:


My new solo album under my own name you can be downloaded here (and will soon have a last.fm page):


Lastly, my film FRACTURE Can be downloaded or streamed here:


Sorry for all the info. Have fun,



Night Terror is Available

Get these awesome copies while they last:


Best Robe. Album and great packaging. 2 hours of music! Cassette Release!


Listen to every Robe. Song ever...for FREE!!!

Or even download them!
 They are streaming, available for individual download, or on the left hand side click the link that says ZIP to obtain the entire discography. These are mp3s directly from the masters.



Greatest Hits / Heavy Rebirth / INFO

Free downloads continue with a greatest hits album to be released soon. Also look for Heavy Rebirth!

For anyone that has an old version of the unofficial 2008 or 2009 Night Terrors or Heavy Rebirth, these are not the same as the new versions. These are re recorded and those aren't even in our discography of releases. They were merely abandoned demos that were leaked and are not in anyway recognized as official. Most of those tracks were re mixed and layered to form songs on other official releases or were thrown out.

Been in a studio recording for a yet to be announced album. More info on that as it comes.

Forsaken / FLESH

Forsaken is completed and mixed and should be out in the near future. Needs a few tweaks and it's ready to go.

FLESH is being remastered for a free online download for DYSTOPIAQ by Robert Lamont (of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush fame). You can enjoy that very soon.

Bleak / Night Terror

Sorry for the delay. We've been supper busy as of late. Here is a rundown of what to expect:

Bleak is done and been out for a while through CRUCIAL BLAST'S new Crucial Blaze series. Visit the link below to pick one up.

WAVES OF DECAY will be releasing a double 60 minute (120 minutes total) cassette release for a newly recorded Night Terror that will be available soon. It is also full to the brim with Trombone!


New Album

We are at work on our new album "Bleak" which will be shortly available on the Crucial Bliss imprint.


Robe. - (In Print) Discography

In order of recording date, not release:

Self-Titled [Cloud Valley]
Glacial [Kiddie Riot]
Untitled (7 Inch Split w/Warmth) [Black-Horizons]
Star Form [Peasant Magik]
Tragedies [Phage Tapes]
Fragile Construct [Tuguska]
The Third Cinder [Snip-Snip]
Floods [Myiasis Tapes]
Antiquated Silhouettes [Dirgehead]
Desolate Mosaic [Anathema Sound]
When We're Dead / What We'll Remember [Poor Little Music]
Fracture (DVD) [Small Doses]
The Dying Light [Little Fury Things]
Remains of A Burning World [Thor's Rubber Hammer]
Hadramaut [Phage Tapes]
Housing Deterioration [Tired Trails]
Did I Not Bid The To Arise? [Vade Retro]
Time Dilation [Blackest Rainbow]